Dfinity Wallet

The Dfinity wallet is mainly a NNS fremont end dapp that lets you use most of the Dfinity ecosystem features. This article will detail every part of the wallet and explain the key points. The NNS front-end dapp lets you manage ICP tokens, stake them in neurons to participate in governance and earn rewards, and […]

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Elearning illustration to Arabic students

Elearning in the Crypto Space – What are the Top Benefits?

These days, eLearning is increasingly popular, especially in light of how badly the epidemic affected our society. Our information system is changing how it operates, as we can see. One of the sectors that has been possibly most impacted by blockchains is eLearning. According to some people, Blockchain has the power to drastically alter eLearning.

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How to Earn With Stacks?

Stacks are connected to Bitcoin in two ways, which are proof of work (PoW) and proof of stake (PoS). Consensus methods are responsible for ensuring the legitimacy of transactions. A further block is added to the network when transactions are confirmed. These protocols essentially safeguard the network. In this article, we are going to describe

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Guide of the most used terms in crypto

‏Fomo : fear of missing out ‏الخوف من ضياع الفرصة ‏Hodl : hold on for dear life ‏امسك عملات لتصل لنهاية سعيدة ‏Fud : fear , uncertainty , doubt ‏الخوف والريبة والشك ‏Rekt : wrecked ‏تحطيم ‏Bear market : to describe a market when the price are going down ‏وصف للسوق عندما ينزل ‏Bull market

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What is Stacks ?

Stacks aims at enhancing the Bitcoin network via facilitating smart contracts as well as DApps. Stacks is basically built on Bitcoin as a layer-1 blockchain. Stacks has inherited all the strengths of Bitcoin while maintaining large capital, high security, and impressive network effects. There are a few inherent problems with Bitcoin, such as scalability. So,

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Why Crypto is the biggest wealth transfer in history?

What is cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is crypto-virtual money that allows you to make online purchases. It ensures and protects online financial transactions by using a digital online ledger with robust encryption. The rising popularity of these virtual currencies is due to what is known as “cryptocurrency trading,” in which these currencies are purchased and sold in

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