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We are the 1st elearning platform in the MENA Region, providing our learners with the knowledge they need in Arabic. IqraCrypto is helping individuals reach their goals and pursue their dreams.

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I've been in crypto for years, and learned things the hard way sometimes. Now I am contributing value by sharing my knowledge to make the Blockchain community stronger in the MENA. This time I want to scale it up to teach as much as I could.

Zied Chaabane

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Our story

From experiment to global movement

Since 2020, we've seen interested in DLT technologies and Crypto growing and in 2021, it reached new heights. Ads and quick millionaires everywhere a lot of questions asked and a lot of people fell didn't have a clue about what is really happenning.
IqraCrypto is a company founded in 2022, specialized in financial technology. With a deep knowledge of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. We help individuals, exchanges, mining pools, token issuers, investment funds, governments and institutions to access, trade and manage cryptocurrencies and digital assets optimally.
Our Vision
IqraCrypto was created with the vision that all of the people in the MENA region should understand what is Crypto and Blockchain. We are more than 400 millions, the knowledge is critical to develop our economy! Education, transparency and open financial systems make markets more pure. We do not tell our community to buy or use any kind of technology available in our platform. We educate them the right way and after that they decide what they want to do.
Our Mission
There are three commitments we've made to the Middle East and North Africa. We've been grounded by these since day one:

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