What is IqraCrypto?

People in the MENA Region are investing a lot in education because: Nobody is born with skills, but you can learn the skills.

Crypto has been a trend in the past few years, most of the people in the region have just heard of it but still want to learn more about it.

Unfortunately when they google any word related to crypto, it’s flooded with ads and sometimes they are misleading. Other than that, most of the content is only in English.

People in the MENA Region (Arabic Speakers) don’t have a reference platform where they can learn about crypto at their own pace and in their own language.

Iqracrypto is the key!

What is IqraCrypto ?

Iqracrypto aims to be the leading Elearning platform in education, course certification, training, and learning. We are developing a blockchain-based certification platform developed on an advanced Learning Management System.

It provides an easy interface for students to find information easily & study material given in a systematic format.

Iqracrypto is the perfect platform and provides various educational solutions for an affordable fee.

  • Courses in Arabic
  • Assessments and Quizzes
  • Recognized Certificates
  • One on one Sessions
  • Live Sessions

Elearning is effective and impacts students in several ways. However, before we delve deeper, let us first understand what eLearning is. eLearning takes place over the internet. Students get access to learning material from an LMS (learning management system) from the comfort of their home, coffee house, library, or anywhere else in the world.

IqraCrypto courses will cover most of the need to know things in the crypto space while providing a recognized certificate for the students.

Why IqraCrypto ?

Iqracrypto is the first of its kind and offers the below:

  • First thought in arabic platform
  • Courses made by experts
Welcome to IqraCrypto!
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